Subsequent To

art Shang Chengxiang


I’m not interested in teaching ways to love or even how to think it up.


I can’t teach you about sacrifice or about how many times we die in this life while we’re alive raging in this deteriorating flesh.


I want the unreasonable and clever aspects of existence to clinch among the goodness and omitted parts of one another.  I want for them to discover the undiscovered.

I want to be taught and be on the receiving end of the million and one things I don’t know like why roses guard themselves by using thorns or why immortality comes on slow but heavy with disdain.


I won’t allow others to share my prayer rug with me if I love in greater ways than them for I would be unfulfilled at an uneven heel feeling the disgust of unjust.


I don’t want to feel less is more when it’s impossible for me to give in smaller amounts as I evolve.


You Disgust Me

imagesYou disgust me!

You disgust me like fat people without appreciation to their bites of food.
It’s completely delicious I have zero time or reason to savor and drool.
You disgust me like the weakness I see in my mother.
It’s better to be honorable with lying than it is being comforted by truth because it smothers and smothers like draining relatives, like awful older abusive brothers.
You disgust me like the love I showed you without conditions.
Will I ever learn to love again without suspicion
at the feet of my own volition?

You disgust me plain as day.
You disgust me like working without pay.
You disgust me.
You disgust me.
You disgust me.


One for the Journal


I look at you with disgust,
Like an old argument that need not be discussed.
Don’t you know boy you’re living in your last days.
I’m glancing down babe urinating on your grave.

Your features are old and dull.
You don’t shine for a cause beneath a skull.
You sit under the shade without effect.
I remembered back then, when you glowed, oh so perfect!

Once you appealed to me.
Your posture and chiseled forearms darling sweet.
Now your belly stands in the way of our hugs.
And the question remains why do I feel smug?