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Dedicated to the Gym Haters

Strike a match around my presence, to see if I will burn underneath?
Lady, I bear an ego high as the Gods, for matters to harsh just to say it was all for play and keeps.

I found and nourished an engine in my gut, a generator so fierce it’s energized from the will of my feet.
I power like a race horse, until I comb the depths of my glorious sweets.

Your stomach is flimsy, full of aerobic steadiness.  Your air, an immature convict of non-readiness, leave everything to me because I’m better at this!  How?
I, a bigger growl than your facial scowl
One that prowls on your every foul…
Dare quick to compete with a stranger by odds.
See, I’ll roughshod alone with one quad and watch you snap pea hopeless in the center of your  pod,
Mentally scar the lard your genetics guard.

I overlook the talents to your flexibility
of your huffs and puff of inflexibility.
I sigh a silent blah in the gym’s vicinity, but not out of bigotry.
I fly a high road, never try me because I barrel
the bold world of pot and golds.
I’m a rarity,
an epitome of passion so true it’s either joy or a given right to enjoy such a thing quite selfishly.

After all, my anaerobic swipes off the cellulite you still own,
You don’t like me because your cover’s blown.
Darling, I hike on the treadmills of your brain until you have no choice to fold.