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Subsequent To

art Shang Chengxiang


I’m not interested in teaching ways to love or even how to think it up.


I can’t teach you about sacrifice or about how many times we die in this life while we’re alive raging in this deteriorating flesh.


I want the unreasonable and clever aspects of existence to clinch among the goodness and omitted parts of one another.  I want for them to discover the undiscovered.

I want to be taught and be on the receiving end of the million and one things I don’t know like why roses guard themselves by using thorns or why immortality comes on slow but heavy with disdain.


I won’t allow others to share my prayer rug with me if I love in greater ways than them for I would be unfulfilled at an uneven heel feeling the disgust of unjust.


I don’t want to feel less is more when it’s impossible for me to give in smaller amounts as I evolve.



Existence Aches

Cracked voice
As a shattered mirror
Years of wasted life tutorials
How do I know
If I truly been given a choice
To live?
Damn this bird!
Caught in my throat box
The wings open like fan blades
Shutter hard
Tears start to fade
If I didn’t know better
I’d say I swallowed glass
The way it stings
The way I wince and flash
The way it feels good
Like a moment of self-expression
Gnarly like neon signs

No matter how far you search to find
What’s troubling is
The study of mind

Oh the way the wet wets my eyes
The way a pink rose brightens my lips
With teeth
As a crazy fool open on Valentine’s
Exceptional crinkle
In these fine lines of my face
Signature memories I dare left behind
The streak of gray in my mane
Won’t allow I to forget my name
The crimson wine in my cup
It says,
“Nothing’s ever enough.”
The ashes in my tray
Morbid gray
The present a present?
Or a space in time to run away?
I’m failing in episodes
Where existence aches