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The Up’s & Down’s of Losing Weight (A Personal Story)

Most people have them: Chubb and fat photos.

There are also exceptions to the rule like those hardgainers who in all life couldn’t gain weight or an ounce ofย  muscle to spare their fucking life. And so they break their backs (just like the Fitness Enthusiasts/Bodybuilders) with headaches, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears training hard! They eat trucks and cars for breakfast and dinner and wrestle gorillas so that when they take brand new photos: They’re fucking legit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well I had a normal childhood in terms of Bodyweight. (I don’t possess a scanner, otherwise I would post a photo of what I call then the luxury body.) I grew up with the luxury of being what I call “Skinny” or to what others deem the perfect 120lb body. In some cultures like theย  Spanish Community I tell you we love full-figured curves. So putting on jeans at this Skinny weight always left me hella self-conscious. I was peer pressured lots to dress like some sort of female, especially when I went out clubbing with the girls and I dreaded my Skinny Legs. I thought everyone was looking at them. But they were really just looking at my tits. LoL!

However having this 120 body at the time wasn’t something I strove to have. Tis was the life of being a picky eater with a virginized never hit cultured tongue. Tis was the life of having a what you call youngin-metabolism. Tis was the life of being naive and having sex 5-8 times a day because it was new to me. I didn’t cherish my pussy or esteem well.. plus I wanted to spite the shit out of my mother. Fabulous times!

I didn’t start gaining weight til I was 21 years old. By 22 years of age I checked myself out in a mirror one day and couldn’t fucking believe what I saw! *faints* I had no mirrors in the apartment at the time (living with my boyfriend) period! That was my first mistake. I knew something was strange when I couldn’t wear my jewelry around my sausage fingers anymore. I also knew something was type odd when I would bend down to pick something off the floor and my own skin (fat) would pinch me.

Subconsciously I knew I was fat and I was in denial said all the long skirts I so happen to wear out on evenings. And I couldn’t walk 2 blocks without my ankles bothering the hell out of me, not to mention the shin splits JUST FORM FUCKING WALKING! Poor body! And don’t get me started on the constant water retention during the Summer time. Not fucking fun! Oh and the best part was that my thunder thighs and big ass had all the Black men lining up as if I were the spectacle of the NBA. Fabulous times! ><

How did the weight gain happen?

Easy! I was in a horrible, depressive and dreadful relationship for roughly 3 years of my newly fresh out of the nineteen life and over into twenty. I knew we were going to have problems with diet because this guy ate mounds of food all day long. We would dine 4-6 times a day all around the city. I’m talking about eat anything from Malaysian to Italian.ย  We would get high, get the munchies and rack up on foods in the middle of the night as if we’re having a contest on who can eat the most! During the time I didn’t know any better as to why women couldn’t eat the same amount of food a hefty bear man could eat and expect to remain the same weight. (Another reason to hate the biology makeup of men!)

What was the first thing that sparked me to change my weight?

I went for a doctor visit, took my physical exam, waited for the results and found out I was PRE-DIABETIC! Instantly, like in a blink of an eye I saw my entire obese aunts, uncles, cousins, mother and brother (til I helped him shed lbs and gain muscle) and in two words said: FUCK THIS! After that I went to a free nutritionist who gave me poor advice (free = poor advice), but I used it to my advantage, did some research myself and dropped 34lbs in 6 months.

How did I do that? It was called under-eating (1600) and massive amounts of cardio work for 5-6 times a week, not including 2-3 more sessions of working out at home. Plus I deprived myself to no end. Never touching one chip or a cookie. So, what happened? I put the weight right back on. See because during the time I still didn’t understand the word: Lifestyle! I resorted right back to my old ways of eating.

More Great News!

Another doctor visit: My tests showed my thyroid’s meant to be underactive. Now, could you imagine how discouraged I felt after this? First I piled the weight back on and NOW THIS SHIT! She gave me a purple pill and told me “this is the solution to your problem.” BULLSHIT! The pill helped ZERO! The rest I did on my own! By this time 2005-2006 I was working for a gym, personal training. I decided to get into this field after I helped my brother shed massive weight/fat from an astounding 300lbs to a healthy confident 230lbs of rock solid muscle. Of course now he’s embedded to me forever! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wanted to be on my A-game and show people that, “If I can do it, you can do it too.” So I lost weight again. Quite quickly! (I love putting in the physical work!) At this point of my Life I was starting to feel like the yo-yoing of Janet Jackson. Now I can keep going on the subject, but for now Bodybuilding ~Bodysculpting is my thing! Also let it be known that I train hard, diet (hard on~off~on~off) and I don’t take that goddamn pill!

And it’s an endless struggle still for reasons known and unknown. But it’s a fabulous thing that I love me challenges to begin with. It keeps me on my toes, as it should you.