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The Universe, Sexual Thoughts, Rower and Motivation

Motivation comes in various forms. 

I’m going to share one of mine with you’s that happens during my free-for-all ovulation mode, which captures my salacious thoughts and uncanny desires. 

Before I go on I want to mention, you must at least be eighteen years of age or at the very least be of a responsible mind for the explicit material (if you consider them to be) you’re about to read.  Many who follow and read my blog already know I write exactly what’s on my mind or what life experience has brought to my attention and this is based on my biased perception of the world.  Without further ado, either click away or enjoy please. 

It was a semi-cloudy day off in the busy streets with the New York City breeze sliding its carefree attitude into my straight hair. I strolled to the gym visualizing exactly which two Cardio machines I’m going to split my time on although deep down inside I was low on Cardio inspiration.  Fast forward my barcode gets scanned and I thought to look pass the male receptionist where I saw the hunk of a Personal Trainer Rock who I’ve always had a mammoth crush on. 

Quickly he jumped out his seat both gentlemanly and nervous walking up to me tripping over his tongue with a heavy Spanish accent, “Hi, how are you doing?”  And in between his glowing pecan-rican complexion and sensational authentic smile the universe turned on the engine in the middle of my sex chakra.  

I thought almost out loud and caught myself with the words, he needs to stop teasing me with his flirtatiousness as I’m going to drop my clothes and have sex with him in front of all the gym members so they can take a lesson or two in sex fitness.

All of a sudden the motivation I was lacking was found.  The sexual charge became the intense fuel I needed for the Rower and Stationary Bike.  But mind you, I never made it to the Bike.  I happily stood on the Rower machine for over forty minutes with heart-pounding cardio sex electrifying my head.  

I closed my eyes and rolled them back slowly and listened to the sensuality of SadeShow me how deep love can be.  The instruments within the song seeped into my aspiring soul and I clenched onto the plastic bar pulling towards the bottom of my bulging breasts as I deeply fantasized on exerting force to match his muscular hard pecs. 

We’d embrace like titanic lovers and swallow the glands of one another.  Our skin would vomit sweat and we’d slip and slide in multiple active positions.  The grinding would complete mine into synergy.  During this time I called out to the universe and all its frequencies for Personal Trainer Rock to sense the lovemaking creation I was embarking. 

I tensed my entire body in a collective kegel and chanted:  I want him to feel me.  I want him to feel me. I want him to feel me buck from incomprehensible pleasure.  I want him to feel me right on his cock, exploding, shivering, and full of moisture, rhythm and reason. I want him to fuck out all the cum I have in this body of mine, in which he would ask me if this was indeed the kind of training I needed.    

Time was up said all the energy I gave to the Rower. The back of my neck was slapped with an ounce of rower sex sweat and my calluses formed into blood moon pearls of irritation, perspiring like bubbling fire and like cold sores no matter what season of the year.  I shook off my lustful anger with the inhalations and exhalations of cardio sex I entertained and when I turned around, guess who has been watching me sitting out and chilling on the massage table smiling? 


The universe is good and motivation comes in different forms.  Get some! 😉



Have Some Respect For The Craft Will Ya?

“Is anyone afraid or disheartened?
He should go back to his house,
or he might cause the heart of
his comrades to melt like his own.”

I have a friend who sometimes acts more like an associate depending on the many Subjects of Life.  (Who doesn’t?)  I want to know if anyone of you guys have a friend like this in your life:   The kind, who, in their own way means well on those aspects of life which you two AGREE upon.  But on the same token, their persona gets in the way of what it is you actually live everyday for.  In my case:  Training. 😉

Every once in a while he’ll invite himself (lately) or I invite him (usually says “no” because he’s lazy when it comes to physical labor of any kind.  Probably why he has a desk job?) to the Gym.  Things always start out well.  But he criticizes exercises, programs (like my current one) and even the amount of effort that must be put in to Lifts, at times.  And I can relate to this last thing whereas I’ve done it periodically myself:  He’ll like an exercise up until the point where I have to come over, whisper in his ear so he doesn’t feel embarrassed around others on how his form is off or shy of being completed.

But by far the thing I hate the most (probably because most men I’ve trained with or trained tend to be this way) is when he has to throw his ego into the lifting session by making absolutely sure he’s piling extra weight on the barbell or dumbbells, (even if it’s just 5-10lbs) for the sole purpose of beating me with numbers.

Rather than making this shit about me, I rather it be about the respect for fitness altogether whether it’s the process of a lift or the exercise itself.  Rather than get the basics of the deadlift form or heed my advice on how not to go about hurting himself, all he sees is the amount I’m doing (which isn’t heavy in my book at all: 145lbs) and how he has to go over it!  This has been this way for a fucking decade.

I told myself as long as he doesn’t increase the weight I’ll do him a favor (which isn’t a favor at all, just being spiteful) and let him believe he somewhat can handle the form of Deadlifting.  Second set came and he performed the same numbers.  Third set comes around and he has to stack 20lbs over.  During this time he was being overly confident and decides to ask, “How much you think my Max is?”

I didn’t give him full encouragement of any kind.  I kept it at the 200lb range for someone who prefers mall-walking to going to the gym to grind life and aggression the fuck out.  What he does?  Stacks 2 45lb plates to 3 plates.  With those 6 plates altogether there was no lift off and he could have really injured himself.  I can say I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him on my watch.  But, who am I fooling?  He fucking deserves it with his foolishness.

Ultimately my thing is I would like it very much if he and if anyone one of you know someone who has an aspect of their life they’re completely in love and infatuated with to just respect them and what it is they consider to be a craft from their heart and passion.  Don’t ruin it for them because that’s not what being a friend is about.  Plus it speaks of a character who displays contempt for what the other person does.

It’s hard to find someone who puts forth every bit of their being into something they truly enjoy.  But it’s even harder for the outside person who owns no passion but absolute bitterness to the world outside them and within to watch someone put their passion into their craft.  Of course it’s an envy thing.  How many people do you hear of loving exactly what it is they do in Life?  Not many.

Training is to abide what is true to you/me above all (and many times over anyone).  For a person to disregard a certain type of lifestyle in any form of way becomes an elite asshole for as long as I shall live and beyond.

Simple as that.



Since January, being sick on and off and dealing with a strain-like shoulder injury since December has been wearing and clawing at my esteem.   Or is it ego?

Whenever some dilemma comes my way trying to dent my Training or Health for that matter, I get too fucking anxious for my own good!   My peace seems to acquire no sleep.   Seems I start to breakdown and blow rotten egg scents out my ass like stupid exhaust pipes.  Not fucking cool!

The good thing today thus far is I had the honor and privilege of wonderful people coming to my aid giving me advice with warm wishes attached.   I love the positive and joyful things for all.. is not lost.   But I’ am feeling discouraged.   And I know this feeling all too well.   I’ll just do my best not to look it’s way.   It’s not needed and I shouldn’t invite it in.   FML!

Last thought:  I have to make a decision based on this Shoulder.  It seems the typical solution is to visit the doctor..  Hah!..  (That’s becoming a habit every couple of years.  There’s only so much pain you can work through an exercise)..  is to let my shoulder heal, which means no upper body for a month or more.  I’ve gone through this in the past with my elbow and ulna.  I allowed my ego to get in the way of things.  Hehe.  Sharp pains shooting up my pinky, forearm whenever I lifted a weight or tried to arm wrestle.  This prevented me from continually heightening my progress.  So, of course I fear this may happen again.. though I know more about Fitness and the Training Life now.  But emotions, sometimes it’s hard to be in control of every single feeling.  Sometimes it’s hard not to be a human.  I wrestle sometimes with certain demons.

Unfortunately, this shit has me biting my nails. I’m moody as hell. I’m a little depress. Just the thought of not training my upper body is like a crack head out of money, out of drugs and is wondering when and where is it going to get it’s next hit from?


I Can Be A Bitch @ The Gym!

And frankly, I don’t give a fuck!

Surely, I feel bad for the females and males that want to come up to me and ask me a million training tips.  I feel their aura.  I saw that young lady watching me down to when I wrote every exercise, reps and notes I jotted.  I sense their puppiness.  And I certainly want to reach out towards them (and there are times when I do), but I can’t afford to let my guard down when I have  already built my shield of steel, ready to zero in focus and gearing to get the GAME FACE up to PLAY!

See, when you step into the Weight Room area, it’s not for the faint of heart.  You have to step right up and steal the limelight like a rapper to a mic.  The Weight Room Area shouldn’t be for Beginners.  It would make them a bit insecure and by all means intimidated.  And if you’re saying, everyone has to start somewhere?  Well, that’s where the Nautilus machines come in.  I, completely understand their fears and concerned questions..and as much as I would love to care for most of the beginners and take them under my wing, there’s always somebody to fill in that spot.

The Weight Room Area isn’t intended for those women who are too busy picking up light weights hoping to God it’s going to do  something like get better Tricep shape or lose fat.  I can tell they suck because there’s no proper form, no feeling, no fucking meaning like having sex with your homely husband!  It’s simply a flail of lazy arms “going through the motions” so to speak.  However, my favorites are those folks who fail to write a program out from the get go.  So they’re immobile like a deer in headlights looking at the dumbbells like it’s their first pair of boobs…*scratches head* ..”where do I start?”.. “what do I do with it?”

They could get out my way as I take Center Stage! 😉

Being that men are assholes, especially in the weight room… I’m a fucking bitch!  And if someone asks me to jump in when I’m already on a machine and I allow their presence in my steel aura…then.. I must be in a great fucking mood, or the guy came off nice and asked in a pleasant way or that guy is good-looking/has a big butt or I’m not going in for that day’s circuit training regimen.  So, again, since men are destined to be assholes, I can certainly be a bitch.  Which reminds me, just the other day…

There was a bench open.  I quickly analyzed and saw that someone had called “dibs” on it from the looks of their 115lb dumbbells, keys and cellphone.  Of course, no one was physically there to claim it, right!  And well, I knew a big guy was going to be coming around as soon as I’m about to call it mine.  And what do you know?

A giant Caucasian man comes by says:
“I’m using that.”
I said:
“Are you now?  You weren’t here just a minute ago.”
He says:
“I was drinking water.”
*I roll my eyes.*
Then he says:
“You can jump on and use the bench with me.”
And a third guy behind the back of me, obviously wants no trouble of any kind says:
“You can take my bench.  No worries.”
I said:
“No.  No worries.  I won’t take none, but this one”…
*pointing to the one right to the left of me*


Because truth was I wanted to start shit for the hell of it.  I blame it on the Testosterone.  But, I didn’t need to pick that bench.

Many men find me annoying in the gym.  Many men try and put me down when they get the chance and tell me stupid shit like:  “You’re going to be bigger than a man” and “Females don’t look right with lots of muscle.” (Mind you, Is till have loads of fat on my body!)  Many men do their best to intimidate me with their solid grill football masks and indomitable aura.  I shake them off with my eyes, with a head nod, with a shrug, with my own Pennington Hall’s manic eyes and clench fists in combination of a workout that’s intense by 10, going harder in their FACE!  I’m not some pussy ass broad.  I have bigger Outer Lips, then men have balls!

So, does their intimidation factor work?   HELL NO!  I have Pride.  I have Ego.  I know how to play and Don being an Asshole.  I know how to make shit work for me.  I know how to outsmart the players in the field.  I know how to get my way.  And because of all this, by far, it’s the best to KNOW how to WIN.

I’m in it always..and this bitch ain’t going anywhere.


Time For A Change

Since January rolled on in without my full awareness, I have not went to the gym to pick up ferocious weights. No dumbbells. No barbells. This saddens me of course. But I’m testing things out.. for the infamous trials and errors are forever at my beck and call.

A few sources have come to my attention and whether its true or not bears an influence on my mind.  And that is, if I want to bring my body weight down lifting heavy may slow this process down even if I’m performing higher reps.  So it’s time for a bit of a change.  Why not?  Nothing ever changes if one remains the same.  And there’s nothing better to teach this lesson but in fitness and training.

What I’m planning on doing is changing the course as I know it.  This will continue for a little while, maybe 2 months or until I officially break and go crazy for my metal steel weights.  We will see people!

I will take this time to devote my focus, determination, passion and tenacity to body weight (total body/full core) exercises using super high reps with a slower than normal tempo.  I want to bring my body-weight down.  I want to be agile.  I want to work on my cardio endurance work without doing too much steady-state cardio or be on any cardio equipment, if at all.  Most of the stuff will be at a much more higher intensity then I’m used to.  Probably why I’ve been developing more exercise headaches then ever before in my life.  Things will seem like a never ending safari of conditioning.  But this is good and out of my realms.  So my body will probably respond very quickly.

I want to work on building a stronger heart.  I want to control my body very well.  I have already became much better with jumping and engaging my abs thanks to total body exercises and working as one unit with my body as oppose to working on isolating or compound exercises with barbells and dumbbells.  I want to continue to feel as light as a feather.  So far I’ve been feeling reallly light.  I want to be different than all the rest of my friends who train as well, as usual.

Finally with as much as I love weight-lifting, wrapping my hand around the cold steel and being ever so in love with the power of empowerment from repping, I know I can always come back.  I will be embedded to it always and it’ll be my first love always.  And although I have a hard time thinking about losing strength I will not allow it to get in my way.  My strength will grow in many different ways.

Just yesterday I broke my workout and ran for the weights during my break.  I lifted for biceps, triceps, shoulders and back.  It felt so amazing!  I felt on top of the world.  The headache I had for 7 hours that day went straight away after that lifting session!  And in that moment I was fueled with power, energy and pure happiness.  So I may keep a weights day in for at least 1-2 x a week, but moderate weight and higher reps.  Only supersetting, circuit style or giant sets.  Nothing less than that.

And I’ll see how it all pans out.

I’m pretty smart,

Fairly Obvious

How you think you know something only to realize you don’t know diddly squat!

You think you have written down every formula, every detail throughout the day, every workout regimen tried and true, every food you digested goes into a journal, every calorie accounted for, every measurement taken with precision, every lb you lost documented weekly.

It’s enough to drive you insane!

Once again I’ve been defeated in believing that Science (when it comes to the body) is certain on the claims it cares to express to the world.  And it is not so.  Under care of a certified nutritionist, under the spotlight of theoretical textbooks, I’ve been sentenced to failure.

Rather then soaking up all the anguish I feel.  I will focus on a new beginning.  I will hold my head high and once again adopt new perspectives.  I will follow up quickly, if and when, a new plateau enters in my path.  I will fight, strike and concern myself with my standstill Fit Lifestyle as if it were a matter of life and death.

This is my outlet.  This is my structure.  This is my religion.  This is my passion.  This is my responsibility.  This is my love.  And I won’t give up.  I’ve come too far to throw away all the rewards, efforts, pain, strain, injuries, muscle soreness, stomach growling, thinner waist, definition I have created.

So in comes a new plan.  But what?