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He Loves Her

There’s something special about a man who loves the tiger stretchmarks of his woman’s body.

Who appreciates and accepts

The cottage display under the glutes by her hamstrings.

The man who eats his tongue when a woman cuts his ego slowly, giving him tremors of both: Pain and Rebirth.

Within; the orange glow of his soul rises.


New Annoyance: Twinged Right Glute!

I’ve been noticing over the past few months how after a day of Training Legs and Glutes I have a twinge feeling only in my right Glute.  It hurts even when I sit down, until a few days later it subsides completely.  However once again I fuel it after training Legs/Glutes.  I’ve never experienced this before and I could only assume that over the past 5-6 months now I have been training Legs quite excessively since I couldn’t train my upper body for a little while. (Another slight injury! You don’t say? ;)).  It’s been annoying me also when I hike up the resistance and incline level on the Treadmill or ArcTrainer.  So far I have pinpointed it occurs in the Abduction movement in the Sagittal plane.  I can also feel it very well when I internally rotate my foot.  

This twinge-like feeling reminds me of a nerve.  I remember the first time I ever felt a twinge-like nerve, it was many years ago during my novice and egomania stage of lifting.  It would occur during the Rear-Delt Bent-Over Exercise.  The problem was I kept bringing my arms too high, completely out of alignment and was hyper-extending way too much.  And the nerve would pinch the shit out of me.  (The body is quite meticulous, is it not?)  After figuring out this problem very quickly I lessen the range of motion and all was fine again of course!  Now I’m guessing (and by the way still researching) this right glute little dilemma of mine could be due to a nerve or quite possibly Gluteus tendonitis or RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

All I’m certain of is all will come to surface soon…