Body Nags

I don’t openly volunteer information about myself or my life to people I deal with.  This is why I have a blog.  Plus, I figure if a person wants to get to know me better, they’ll slowly work to pry me open.  Or read my blog or Tweets.  Point is, there are things I don’t reveal to anyone like body nags.

Don’t you hate nags?  Whether they concern a relationship, parental or societal badger?  Don’t you hate body bags, no matter what the cost is and how you pay its dues over and over again?  Some nags are preventable, some are induced, some nags come and go while others, remain forever.   All I know is, I can’t come up with all the fucking causes to nags, but I know that nags are pretty shitty!  And I have a few of those pretty shitty ones.

At this point, the body nags have entirely affected my right side.  The first was my elbow back in 2006.  That’s when I first saw someone for the opening debut of tendonitis.  Now there are undiagnosed flares in my teres minor, which I assume comes from the rotator cuff syndrome I’m still experiencing because clearly I’m a dick and am not very gentle with myself.  Then, there are the bicipital groove flare-like bouts and gluteus medius annoyances that come and go.

Not to mention, two out of the three hamstring muscles take turns straining me every step of the way, every few months, making sure I can’t reach my front split goal.  Plus the gastrocnemius has tightened up when it used to be on the left side only and just like everything else, it’s on my right side.  What is it with this side of my body?  And who the fuck knows?  But I’m thinking sooner or later, I’m going to have to start being gentle to myself.

When I got an MRI done a while back to see if I wanted to pursue surgery for a partial (on the small end) tear on my right shoulder, I cut out many exercises that had to do with chest, back and shoulders.  There are still some exercises I don’t do today, but over time I worked into getting many exercises back into my programs.  The next time, someone tells me I don’t have patience, I’m going to stick a dumbbell up their ass and grind it because patience is crucial with these nags.

And let’s be honest, sometimes patience sucks and pain does also.  So I’ve slowly entered:  Assisted pull-ups, Incline/flat dumbbell/barbell bench press, push-ups, hammer and bicep curls.  Volume has been cut, in addition to warming up prior with easier exercises and stretching in between most sets.

It’s been a year (or more probably?) since I’ve done any Lat Pull-downs.  But I finally gave in because I rather rotate my exercises than do the same ones.  Flares happen, regardless of how much I warm up or stretch in between.  I can feel the tiniest spasm pulsing in my teres minor; an electric type of nerve of a twinge, and the spasms continue the more time under tension it’s given.  After this, I stretched and meditated on a prayer to the Gym God’s that I’ll be able to continue pain-free through my workout.

Now, I have another nuisance here to join my many nags, something new and daunting in my knee.  Stay tuned for that in an upcoming entry.  In the meantime, how many body nags do you have related to exercise or no exercise?  And yes, it works both ways. 😉


Splashes of Workout

There are some folks who would like to see (or who read with the sole purpose ->) of what exercises I’ve do/done, what reps, how many sets, how much weight, etc.  And though of course it’s always exciting to read what others do… it never really seems to be what a person may have thought?  Call it Expectation?  Call it over-analytical thinking?  Or perhaps ones eyes could bulge..and be surprised?   Well, I thought to just throw in some things I’ve done this year before I had to take major time off from my Upper Body.  This will mostly include my Machine/Dumbbell work/exercises.

Most of these workouts are done until I completely exhaust myself (because there’s no other way for me) and I wouldn’t tell anyone to go ahead and do multiple sets (or hit failure) unless their able to/want to or tend to use the same anger I have to fuel you/them all the way.  Not that I think these workouts are fantastic per say.  Just I know how easy it is to want to duplicate someone’s work because you admire them or something to that nature.  I’ve done this many times over the years myself.

Also, there are folks in the circle of my life who believe I do too much.  I don’t think.  I perform.  There are some people who can argue that there’s no such thing as overtraining and it’s a myth.  While others believe in the body of it all and perhaps giving the Central Nervous System a break.  Lord knows everyone’s favorite monster is lurking.  Cortisol, anyone?  To each their preference.

Sometimes these workouts connect.  Sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes I go in with the mindset to destroy myself and my body for the next few days.  Sometimes I work on weaknesses.  Sometimes I work according to my energy levels (since it does happen.. I may have not had the chance to eat as much as I should have) and mood levels.  Sometimes I work on things I want to bring up on like a deeper cut in my Calve/Soleus muscle.  However, I just want to make the point how no one should take my workouts literal in anyway. 😉


Lat-Pulldown (Narrow)
40lbs x15, 55lbs x12, 70lbs x12, 85lbs x12, 110lbs x8 reps
Seated Row (Close-Grip)
40lbs x12, 55lbs x 12, 70lbs x12, 85lbs x12, 100lbs x8 reps
Seated Row (Wide-Grip)
40lbs x12, 55lbs x12, 70lbs x12 reps
Cable Rope Rear Delt Rows
30lbs x12, 40lbs x12, 50lbs x12 reps
Straight-Arm Pulldowns with Rope
25lbs x12, 30lbs x12, 40lbs x12
One-Arm Dumbbell Row
22.5lbs x10, 25lbs x8, 30lbs x6, 35lbs x4 reps

Cardio 20 minutes
Abdominal 50 Butt-ups

My warm up was 5 minutes on the Elliptical.  And none of these exercises beat my personal best numbers since by this time my right arm, anterior part of the shoulder and the back part where the Teres Minor allowed me to only do so much.  I worked through the pain every single time.  I’m a naughty gal. Taking the high road, well, it could be applied to this as well.  Stop working through the fucking pain!  You get no rewards.  You get no-free-out-of-gym-injury cards.  Just physical therapy and loads of time off from what you’re trying to achieve.  Also I don’t like working my abs out.  It’s like sporadic when I do.  Trust me.


Bicep Curls (Not Alternating)
10lbs x 15, 12.5lbs x 12, 12.5lbs x12, 15lbs x12
Hammer Curls (Not Alternating)
Same as above
Incline Bicep Curls (Not Alternating)
10lbs x15, 12.5lbs x 15, 15lbs x12 reps
One-Arm Preacher (On Machine)
20lbs x15, 30lbs x12, 30lbs x12
Tricep Kickbacks With Dumbbell
10lbs x15, 12.5lbs x15, 15lbs x12, 17.5lbs reps x12
Rope Pushdown
30lbs x12, 40lbs x12, 50lbs x12, 60lbs x12
Tricep Short Bar Pushdown
40lbs x12, 50 x12, 60 x12, 70lbs x12 reps
Tricep Extension (On Machine)
30lbs x12, 40lbs x12, 50lbs x12 reps

I warm up with light ass weights, not with a cardio machine for this particular day.  But during this time just doing my biceps meant working through the pain.  As it made sense when the Physical Therapist told me I have Bicipital Tendonitis.  Where the long bicep head and the anterior part of the shoulder was hurting like a bitch.  So I kept the weight low but no rest in between and this created the lactic acid I desired.  The next day I felt tremendous and the DOMS was truly fucking to die for!  Sometimes I can’t believe what light weight can actually do.  I’m reminded once again:  It’s not about how much you lift.  But the intensity in which you do lift.  Again, no records here either.

Walking Lunges 100 reps
Smith-Machine Glute Squats (Feet Way Out in Front Back Super Straight)
75lbs x12, 85lbs x10, 95lbs x10, 110lbs x8
Leg Press (Narrow)
270lbs x10, 305lbs x10, 315lobsx10, 325lbsx10, 350lbs x10, 390lbs x8 reps
Seated Leg Curl
70lbs x10, 80lbs x10, 90lbs x 6 1/2, 95lbs x5 (New Record)
Leg Extensions
110lbs x10, 130lbs x10, 140lbs x8, 160lbs x5 reps
Single Leg Squat (On Leg Press Machine)
65lbs x10, 70lbs x10, 75lbs x10 (New Record)
Speed Squats 100 reps
Calve Raise (On Leg Press Machine)
120lbs x20, 130lbs x20, 140lbs x20
Soleus Extension
70lbs x20, 80lbs x20, 90lbs x20Cardio: 1 mile Light Jog Treadmill
Abs Crunch Machine 40lbs x 25 reps 4 x
Standing Oblique Wiggles(Side Bends) 4 x 25 reps


P.S. Excuse the strange typos in this post.  I tried countless times to change this and still it remains with an error.  And I’m tired and must try and get 3 hours of sleep before I open the gym.  The usual.