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Pointing Out The Obvious!


I haven’t been given much of a choice to go Full Speed ahead when it comes to extra weight-lifting days for various body parts. I’m limited to Back and Legs. But trust me, I’m grateful for having all my limbs and for even being able to Lift PERIOD! Still this takes a toll on my writing  drive for this page. This upsets me for sure as my Training Life (mostly weightlifting) is what fuels my writing, passion and inspiration.

They go hand in hand. And I guess I just wanted to point this out to all of those who come by my site to get a daily dose of whatever you get from this site. 🙂 Know I appreciate all your reading (even those who don’t comment), those who subscribe by email, those who comment on my page or thru private messages telling me how you love the passion in which I write, how inspired or how motivated one of my post have made you feel. This makes me happy! And I want to say “Thank You” to everyone. I truly want to influence and stimulate your mind and body.

And with this said, I wouldn’t want to lose readers because of my low main topic drive. So I wanted to bring to your attention that I do have loads of subjects and topics in my head and posts lined up that can entertain the most boring to the best of ya. I’m going to roll out some more movie reviews, new herb supplements I’m experimenting with  as well as my theories/outlook on sexual/relationship manners.

So continue to stick with me. I’m going to take you places. 😉