Every Thursday for the past month, I’ve been Training my 400lb friend @ a gym where we’re both members.  Obviously this makes everything easier and we rock out for as long as possible because we share the same love, passion, mindset, discipline and determination.  Also it helps that the gym is 24 hours.  We start at midnight when the gym dies down and stay for a few hours to forget about the world, forget about time, routines and whatever else.

Now, maybe one of you is wondering: How can a 400lb person share that type of passion and mindset for Fitness?  Long ago his Muay Thai Master instilled all these elements that takes decades for some people to achieve if at all.  But over the years he decided to give up entirely after his Master died and the perils of life swam over his head.  However this isn’t so much about his life or anything as much as what bothers me about him.  And maybe one of you lovely folks could actually give me one of your theories as to what his deal might be?

During our Training sessions I show him things as we go along.  He knows some basic exercises, but when it comes to mastering bodyweight exercises with good form/alignment or how to set up the resistance machines according to his body is type crucial.  I’ll pick out the body parts (just because he doesn’t want to) and we’ll rock out anywhere from 2-3 hours.  Usually devoted to our favorites like Dumbbells, Barbells and Resistance Machines.  And the last 20 minutes would be walking a mile at a pace he’s good with on the treadmill.

Now during our training sessions, it sort of seems like he goes through a mixture of feelings.  (Of course I’m assuming here based on my interpretations of his behaviors.)  One thing he does (which this past week he did not do because I tired his ass out and his weakness so happens to be his what?  Legs!) is try to burn me out.  He verbally presses the issue for me to lift heavy every set (which I do only on certain parts that wouldn’t hurt my rotator cuff).

Except one night he went off on a babble and said, “You have to do this because if I’m enduring this torture you have to too.”  I said, “I agree.   But you have to understand  1.  I have endured and continue to endure years of Training under my belt.  2.  I have to know my boundaries so my joints and other trigger points don’t get out of hand.  3.  You have to endure this Training!  You’re somewhere different from me.”  So like what’s his deal here?

The second thing he loves to do while I’m in my set and if I’m failing or failed or am completely exhausting the set and tend to do a staggered or pause/rep and I stop for 5 seconds say I did the number 10 or 12.  But my goal number was to hit 15.  He instantly shouts out I only did 5 repetitions as oppose to 10 or 12.  And no he’s not stupid!  Far from it.  But I presume he thinks this is cute?  I said, “No this was the amount of reps I counted.  How you figure?”  And then he goes to argue with me like some delusional fuckhead!

So far once during a set after I clearly hit muscular failure at 10, he says, “Give me 2 more reps for not hitting the number goal.”  I instantly wonder not only: What’s his deal?  (But does he want to take over and Train me or us together? Does he even understand what muscular failure is?)  He has to lose a tremendous amount of weight.  He came to me to train him.  I’m doing all this for free.  So could it be he’s too busy looking at me more as a friend than his trainer in the moment of our training session?  (I’ve had this little dilemma before, typically with women.)  Or does he want to feel like a man in the midst of our training? Especially when I outdo him (not meaning to) with exercises or weight?

He has a problem with lifting lighter weights and repping out.  He doesn’t listen to my instructions when he goes to the gym solo throughout the week.  He has a problem not wanting to buy 3 Gatorades when I tell him to stop that sugary shit.  Then the part I don’t really get (and it could be because he’s Latin meaning his mother/wife performs duties for him that he should be doing for himself) that once after we finished up our 4 sets of Seated One-Arm rows he’s huffing and puffing and tells me:  “Can you go downstairs and get me a Gatorade?”

Mind you all this as his 400lb ass is still sitting and grasping for air.  I’m confused as to  1.  Why he’s so fucking lazy to go downstairs and not get a Gatorade even though he’s slow like a slug and still can burn calories anyway?  And  2.  Is he a woman?  Why is he asking me to go get him something like I’m the man?  I don’t believe in this whole “oh I’m such an independent woman that I would want my man to start being the bitch for the littlest thing!”

One week he asked me for 50 cents for a Gatorade.  And after the gym he would like it if I went one week to pay for both our foods and one week he pays.  All this brought me back to was all the memories of when we were in school together for Automotive Body and Repair.  I can’t believe I forgot all those tiny memories. But they slowly came up to the surface like how he would want me to buy him food all the time and he was half the size then 250lbs?  (He recently lost a 100lbs, so he was 500.)  Even back when I analyze his eating habits in 4 bites his pizza would vanish.  His meat patty with cheese still sizzling about to disappear into his vicious depression and hate for the choices he’s made in his life and how he doesn’t forgive himself.

This also reminds me how nice I am to people who I believe are my friends.  But at the same time how much of a leech he is, how easy it is for him (and the world) to take full advantage.  And these are some of the things that are nagging me about him. So if this keeps going I’m going to have to shut him down completely. Right?