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East Coast

Lana Del Rey West Coast
The night is sultry
The night is sultry

Our eyes are lovely
Our hearts are hungry

Under the stars
Blanket of stars

The city lights
Washington Heights

Vanilla skin
Vanilla skin

Melts on mine
Swells on mine

A slow chorus
A slow chorus

Freshly fine
Every time



I see the stars shining off their own rewards.
I see the glimmers, endless with hope, lost in space.

Within me a hunger grows out of line.
And in my mind, I travel, but, with a different face.

There no longer exists a perfectionist’s heart,
Nor a perpetual run with a disciplinary ancient art.

But a feeling, unknowable, quite like a stranger’s hand.
A devastation, trembles my soul, of a target perhaps missed.

Of a sun wiped away off the surface without a plan.
A clenched fist, I persist, but what if I’m on a waiting list?