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Out of the Moment

I took a cab yesterday.

When I take a cab, there’s usually a purpose for it.  When I’m in a cab I like peace, quiet and looking at scenery.  I like looking at people’s ugly faces when they jaywalk or run across in front of a moving car even.  But, this cab driver kept taking me out of the moment.  (I guess, in some ways I allowed him to.)

He talked about how awful traffic was from jump.  How traffic this and traffic that.  And I couldn’t understand why he allowed traffic to arouse him in ways he didn’t want to be aroused in.  I observed how he took himself out of the moment simply by focusing on something he should be used to by now.  Maybe this should have amused me?  But, I felt slightly bothered and I was trying to overcome my judgmental side, wondering why he couldn’t give me a more considerate quiet drive.

Traffic shouldn’t be a surprise to a cab driver like I imagine a stripper shouldn’t be surprised by men ogling drunk in lust.  It comes with the occupation.  So, to have saw him and hear the thoughts he could’ve kept to himself as he looked on over to the other side of the highway, “Now I have to wait uptown for at least a half an hour by the hydrant since there’s no way I can come back down” is to put it mildly, a hot mess.

And now I wonder if I’m a hot mess, for having wrote a blog about it. 😉



It’s the way some people take their coffee.
Or blaze dark their font with.
Rather than settle for these everyday bits,
I turned to another German-Italian.
I went up in smoke
Every time he spoke.
I let him breathe stories into me
While I inhaled them
Deep into my barracuda bones.
I in a love jones.

I want my cake.
I want to eat it too.
Whether it involves him, him or you.
I know where my heart resides.
And every now and then
I feel my world crumble.
I’d do anything to come alive.

Even though my fantasies involved lies.
Even though I paid my own taxi ride.
Even though I went against myself.
I couldn’t help the instantaneous
Life without a seat belt.