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Have Something Like This.. Ever Happened To You?

One day I entered my room and it smelled like: Loads of Cum.

Reeking Semen, almost.

My room was filled with humidity, heat and fog cum? This all came from the proud assistance of Ms. Queen Radiator. I crinkled my eyebrows and forehead for a moment just to take in the many whiffs of dead dried sperm puffing all around the air in my room.Β  Then I looked down and realized in the corner not far from the closet was a “semi-clean” towel that must have fallen behind Ms. Queen the Radiator.Β  And if you guessed it?

That happened to be The Cum Towel: Lover’s Sperm!

Good thing my company didn’t catch on (since I normally talk dirty with the mouth anyhow) even when I said out fucking loud, “God it smells like fucking cum in here! What the fuck!?”

And went on and picked up the towel with a chuckle and smirk on my face. πŸ˜‰