Enigmatical Rind

The days speed. 
I drop into time and I can feel the immediacy of eternity. 

How many times have I been on the same ride?  How many times have I been on this highway and saw the same lights?  It’s like the world has a record on queue and things don’t shine the way they used to.  I asked the sun to come out mother, but she’s gone, like you.  Her rays aren’t the same.  The only thing she sends out these days is a haze that makes everyone in the world sick and drained. 

Everyone I know is deficient of Vitamin D yet everyone talks about the myth of protein shortage.  I used to wonder about the setting, about what’s important.  But now I don’t because everything’s distorted.  What was an apple then becoming an orange the day after?  What is it that really matters?  And what are they spraying in our skies?  Who are the ones that take care of the bad guys when it’s only the bad guys who wins the prize? 

No one’s protected on Mother Earth, mother.  And this isn’t to confuse my faith in God, but those who govern.  I interrogate our air, wind, water and gravity.  What’s the strategy?  There’s an invisible war.  Do I know which side to fight for?  There’s a toll bearing down on our fortunate souls.  I know people are cold with their corpulent goals.  Can you feel the stain of karma?  Can you feel the wane of your timer?

Time’s revealing everything from the assembly line to the enigmatical rind.


My Number Zero War Hero

If you’ll have me in your care again, with open arms, you would perform the greatest charm.  Like lips that are chapped, you’re my balm.  Like an faithful follower, you’re my psalm.  I’m water misbehaving.  But like the calm mood of wind only you can save me.  I’m everything and more:  Your war lady.

I’d really love to nuzzle my head in your chest to feel once again what it’s like to be loved by the best.  I crave the feel of your heavy world, how your heartbeats talk in my ear with kindness of rhythm and love and breath.  Honey if you ever leave, I’d have nothing left.

Caress my strands and brush them with forgiveness.  With you, it’s vivid how within every minute I’ve been swept like the many times before.  Like how you picked me up and out of my own living debt of death.  It’s true you’re my safety net.

Take me please and erase the other man’s residue from my body and matte hair.  Only you can fire my soul bare.  Only you can send the rays of light and care of flirty bounce to my tresses with loving prayers.  You clean my air.  Nothing else will ever compare.

How could I ever leave you?
My true love.
My number zero war hero.
I shed my clues in every breakthrough.

Who would take me with all my imperfections?
Who would study my micro expressions?
Who would love me in my dark sections?

You see and love me in all my
Twisted infinite perfections.